Healing Tent




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Eagle 11


If this mod is on, then your leader unit may deploy an Healing Tent, to do so the unit should have full moves and be standing on flat terrain(open desert, snow covered and cavernous flats also count), then through the right-click context-menu can order it to deploy the Healing Tent. When the leader deploys the tent its moves are depleted for that turn.

The Healing Tent functions like an portable village that provides the usual village healing benefits but no income. If an enemy unit enters the hex with the Healing Tent it gets instantly destroyed(this also applies to neutral tents without a side), the leader unit can pick up the deployed tent of its own side to carry it elsewhere. Note that whilst you can steal an ally's tent, your leader can carry and deploy only one tent at a time.

The Healing Tent cannot be pitched within 3 radius of any village, castle or keep tile, therefore its of limited use in most maps, except in those that are Randomly generated.



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