Scenario (Multiplayer)




Changed a lot standart colosseum with one additional last fight between human players &
- another one wave full of human players units clones
- weapons in shop
- more abilities (masochist - gives unit xp when enemies hit it, murderous effort - during fight you have 25% less hp but 50% more damage, ready for death - with hp less than 40% your weapons damages and strikes will be increased, true warrior - improve melee weapons, makes weaker ranged weapons, to activate it, you need to have ranged weapon with atleast 4-2, true archer - improve ranged weapons, makes weaker melee weapons, to activate it, you need to have melee weapon with atleast 4-2, gold collector - gives you gold at every turn start, prismatic discharge - swap both units resistances while fight, barbarian rage - at battle start 40% to have 40% more hp and 20% more dmg, ancient endurance - at battle start 60% to have 15% more of hp for each enemy around, the hearth of giant - 50% to recover from slow or poison after each turn and battle, lord of siege - +2 to damage for each enemy near you while fight, master of dodging - 3% less chance to hit for enemy for every enemy near you, unyielding defense - 5% less damage for enemy for every enemy near you, shieldbreaker - decrease enemies resistances, dark aura - decrease enemy damage, freezing aura - slows enemies at turn start and sometimes before fight, lucky - sometimes allows to fight again when your enemy survived battle, thorns/wind/water/flames/ice/sacred auras - deals enemies damages when they hit your unit, war rage - increase your unit damages, adept of death - transform in to undead units after own death, shapeshifter - can change in to enemies after fighting with them, resurrection - allows you to resurrect unit after own death once for 10 turns, diplomacy - when 2 units start fighting the one with this ability can change other one side (if you're lucky), each new unit gives some money)
- available buying weapon special in shop
- useless in fight abilities (like ambush, teleport, concealment, submerge) are changed for money
- units with max 0/1 lvl gets bonuses
- artifacts in shop (over 70)
- you can play gamble in shop (it's risky!)
- creating own weapons
- by ChaosRider.

If you have any idea for new weapon in shop, or new ability or other stuff to this addon go find the topic on wesnoth forum at



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