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Maps by ChaosRider with ai in center. Right now 40 awesome maps ;]. Free for all, survival, brace your self because good game is coming.

8p - Royal madness (FFA)
4p - Lost empire (FFA)
4p - 5 nations (FFA)
4p - Advanced civilization (FFA)
3p - Sacred oasis (FFA)
4p - Caves of the trolls (FFA)
4p - Wild sands (FFA)
4p - Back to home (FFA)
8p - Dead swamp (FFA)
4p - Underground rebellion (FFA)
4p - Auction of life (FFA)
4p - End of peace (FFA)
3p - Fallen kingdom (FFA)
2p - Everything or nothing (FFA)
3p - After snowstorms (FFA)
3p - Different lands (FFA)
6p - Swamp of forgotten evil (FFA)
6p - Kingdom of water (FFA)
6p - Frozen empire (FFA)
6p - Caves of the dead (FFA)
6p - New lands (FFA)
3p - Flooded caverns (FFA)
6p - Frosty madness (FFA)
6p - Sunny wilderness (FFA)
6p - Three rivers (FFA)
6p - Swampy cemetery (FFA)
6p - Battle for the capital (FFA)
3p - Enemies invasion (FFA)
5p - Hiking of peoples (FFA)
2p - Wall of 7 guards (FFA)
4p - Fortress of the lake (FFA)
4p - Flames of hope (FFA)
4p - Enemies union (FFA)
4p - Great river (2vs2)
4p - A mountain belt (2vs2)
4p - Dark caves (2vs2)
4p - Between ice and fire (2vs2)
4p - Drakes path (2vs2)
4p - Graveyard of the fallen (2vs2)
6p - Raging forest spirit (3vs3)

Also you get new heroes under your command and you can pick from 1 to 15 bonus types (first player set amount of available bonuses). Those bonus types will be added to your all units in game.

New random 2 lvl hero
New random weapon (-5% hp)
+50% hp, -10% def, -1 mp
+20% resistances more (max 80%), -10% def, -1 mp
+50% damages, -25% hit points & max hit points
+2 strikes, -25% damages
Minimum 6 movement points
Minimum 40% terrain defense everywhere
+10% terrain def (max 80%)
+10% resistances more (max 80%)
+25% hit points & max hit points
+25% damages
+1 strike
+3 movement points
-30% max experience
+3 random units to recruit list
New random ability (-5% hp)
New random weapon special (-5% hp)
+20% physical resistances (max 80%)
+20% not physical resistances (max 80%)
+20% defense (max 80%) and -1 movement cost on water
+20% defense (max 80%) and -1 movement cost on forest
+20% defense (max 80%) and -1 movement cost on flat
+20% defense (max 80%) and -1 movement cost on cave, fungus
+20% defense (max 80%) and -1 movement cost on frozen
+20% defense (max 80%) and -1 movement cost on desert
+20% defense (max 80%) and -1 movement cost on hills, mountains
+20% defense (max 80%) and -1 movement cost on castle, villages
+1 village income
+30 (or more) gold

There is 100 abilities and 100 weapon specials! Each tested, so I really hope you won't find any bugs :).
Gold bonus depends of scenario size. Bonuses which is changing unit terrain defenses works also when unit defense is set by minus value (like for cavalier and forest).
If you won't pick it (right click on your leader) by yourself then ai will do it for you. Only in first turn you can choose bonus types, and they are added from the second turn.
Units spawned with plague weapon specials used in this addon will have added bonuses at side turn end. If you want to add it earlier, you can use button ''Find not upgraded'' in menu option (right click your leader).
It's possible to add bonuses to not recruited units after 1 turn. Right click your leader and click ''Find not upgraded''.

You can check other sides bonuses during game.

There is 10 scenario difficulty levels. First human player will have to decide which difficulty level is best for him and his friends game and their skills.

33 FFA maps, and 7 for teams fight.



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