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While the brave defenders of Orocia had been busy protecting the realm an cunning group of Pirates snuck in through the forgotten sewers and stole the shrine, now everyone can build an upgrade shrine on any map ! In their hurry they have forgotten to take the labels however...

Each side can build one Shrine(once per game) for 30 gold that generates random bonuses on castle and keep tiles within radius of 3 hexes around itself, to build an shrine your leader unit must be standing on a castle tile and have full moves, then you can build it via right-click context menu. Whilst you can build the Shrine on any one hex castle tile out in the wilderness, common sense dictates it not to be so as normally you want as many castle hexes within the 3 radius as possible to generate the maximum amount of bonuses possible. 

The shrine generates random 8 types of bonuses at the begin of your side's turn. The possible bonuses are +5% more resistant to all damage, +5% defense on all terrains, +6 Hp, +1 Mp, +2 damage to any attack, increase strike of all attacks the unit has by 1, make loyal, gets healed to full and is cured of ailment, and lastly an chance of nothing at all.

The shrine itself functions like an village, meaning units may rest heals when over it. Should any enemy unit enter the hex of the shrine, it instantly dies and the bonuses are no longer provided to the side that has lost the shrine.



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