Black River - A Tutorial





chol - artwork by Major et al.


*New: Black River Tutorial* 
The southern lands, home of desert clans, raiders, bandits, which sojourn the Sandy Wastes. It is a defiant region. Daunting to some but also calling to others ...

The lands south of Wesnoth also have huge virgin forests, cared for by great walking trees, called the Wose. Their home is the Vale of Blossoming Trees ...

In the virgin Aethenwood and Southwood  forests, the mighty wood elves reign supreme. They care for the biodiversity of their woods they inhabit, deeply! And they will make this clear to each destructive force and any invading ecological threat, by means of force, magic and swiftness ...

The Elder Elves are amongst those who were the first self-conscient creations that saw the stars, wandering earth. While they also care for the Black Forest they inhabit, they once were the first sea-faring people. Deep in their spirit they long for the sea ever since. Many life near the cost, a shore, on islands even on ships and not in houses ...

The land beyond the Black River, has many florishing valleys and many natural springs. It is home to the Ivrim; ivrim meaning '[those] from the other side [of the river]'. The Ivrim live as deep-read merchants, traders, teachers in cities, ports, villages. Some profess agriculture or other crafts and arts. Their love for ecology makes them afforest hills, mountains, and even the desert. They seek social justice and do not use magic but have access to heavenly conduits by invoking very ancient & powerful Practical Kabbalah. They mastered Kabbalah even before the 'magic' of other races got into this world ...

* This tutorial is Work in progress (WIP, unfortunately the savefiles of a game are corrupt and can not be loaded in part 2). *



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