Better Odds




Multiplayer Modification


Choicerer, buddh


This mod removes the OMG lucker aspect from the game. It does this by modifying hit chances based on previous hits/misses during a fight. 
The mechanism is quite simple - 
For each blow a unit deals, the chance to hit is reduced by 20/15/10% for units with 2/3/4 strikes respectively and by 10% for units with more than 4 strikes, times the defending unit's terrain defence multiplier (flat for 50%, more for low defence, less for high). 
For each miss, the chance is increased by the same amounts.
The hit chance never exceeds 80% and is never lower than 20%.
Magical and marksman attacks are not affected.
The toggleable luck stacking features carries over the remaining luck/bad luck from one fight and adds it to the first strike of a player's next unit to attack or defend.
The mod is now singleplayer compatible.
The mod was comissioned by Buddh. I, Choicerer, coded it and slightly modified the algorithm. Thanks to vasya for an idea to improve the algorithm.
Don't believe the mod works?
Youtube 'Wesnoth's Better Odds Works'



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