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Adds a new race, the Avian Tribes, heavily focused on utility and mixed units. NOT affiliated with orangebox.
They fare better in snow and deserts than most races, but water and swamps are considered evil. Wide variety of units.

-01-10-2017 / v1.0.1 Minor update - added the kaliphate factions to the selection of units.
-18-08-2017 / v1.0 - The Apothecary line is getting reworked. The lvl1 healer unit, Doctor, has been shelved in favor of a Field Surgeon (lvl2) to make the tanking tactic less cheap. The unit will remain in the game data, so any saves you have aren't broken. AMLA added. Apologies if this breaks your saves. XD
-22-07-2017 / v0.9.18 - Reworked the Behemoth graphic. Few minor balance and stat tweaks to make some leveling slower. Added animations to the Oracle attack to make it look more fun.
-31-05-2017 / v0.9.15 - Slight rebaOH DAMN it's been a few months... Anway! Rebalanced the explorers and alchemists a little bit to make them a little more Glass Cannony/boosted their damage to make other units more viable. Because they were too overpowered/underpowered respectively. I wonder if I'll have any other ideas.
-13.01.2017 / v0.9.12 - Added names. That was... surprisingly easy, actually. Except a lot of bird puns.
-13.01.2017 / v0.9.11 - A new unit line has been added for the commanders, the Avian Guard line. Some new frames were made and some were altered for the Farseer line.
-26.12.2016 / v0.8 - Added some basic attack animations (no new graphics), but I haven't really tested them much. I just know some of them work and I copy-pasted them around.
-23.12.2016 / v0.7 - another day, another update. Alchemist graphics fixed, and a new Shadow unit introduced to the roster, as a final level up of the Explorer line. Written some basic lore for the Wesnoth glossary.
-22.12.2016 / v0.6 - updated the mod with the aforementioned Alchemist and Farseer lines. Balancing revamp. Some new birbs for y'all to play with.



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