Wesnoth 1.12 addons

1.10 Battles 1.10 Tiny maps 1.8 Isar's Cross Forever (and other maps) 10 Age's - Story of Your Civilisation 17th Century Eastern Europe at War (EEaW) 18th Century Warfare Era 1st Orcish Occupation 2p Campaign Battle System 2p Planewalker Campaign 2p/3p vs Survival 2p/4p Siege (Surv.) 2vs2 Map Contest Maps 5 Lords Reign 5 Worlds Survival 8680’s Lua Pack A Beastly Tale A Fiery Birth A Goblin Adventure A Group in a War A new Home A New Land A New Land - 5 Player A New Land Era A New Order A Northern Village A Random RPG Adventure A Rough Life A Sanguine Tale A Song of Fire A Tale of Two Brothers English Sound Pack A Tale of Two Brothers German Sound Pack A Vilkish Tale A Vision Blinded A Walk in the Woods A Whim of Fate ABC Across the Ocean Add's Army Advance on Kill Mod AE Colosseum Aetas Magica Aethermaw plus Affably Evil After the Fall Era Maps After the Storm After the Storm Music Afterlife survival Age of Demons and Devilhunters Age of Tentacles Ageless Era Ageless Hotfix: (placeholder) Ageless II Era Ageless III Era Ageless Scrolling Survival AI Modification Demos Akladian Music Package Alariel's Journey Music Alariel's Journey: A Faerie Tale Aldur_The_Great Alliances Mod Ally Village Modification Altered Era [+new sprites] Altered Era/Ruleset Alternate Era Amaranthine Stone Amaranthine Stone Music American Era An Independence War An Innocent Man An Undead Incursion Anachronistic_Era Anime ANL 2p Antar, Son of Rheor Anthalia Arabian Nights Archaic Era Archaic Resources Archaic Sounds ArenaZ Aria of the Dragon-Slayer Armageddon Armored Era Art of War Ashen Hearts Ashtray Island ASoF Music Attack Distances — WIP placeholder Augu Modifications Augu Ports Augu Short Survivals Avian Tribes Race Bad Moon Rising Battle Against Time Battle For Tyria Battle for Westfront - World War 2 Era Battlechest Battleground Europe Battlegrounds Mod Beastmen Enclave Berserk limiter Betrayal of Thaeylan Better Names Mod Better Odds Between Darkness And Light Between the Worlds Birth of a Lich Bitter Revenge Black River - A Tutorial Black Tide MP Faction BloodLust Bloody Mod Bob's RPG Era Bob's RPG: A New Land BonusSpam BorderWars Brave Wings Brotherhood of Light Buddh's and Gringo's Isar Balance Mods Caliphate Army Campaign Unit Loader Campaign-How-To (A Simple Campaign) CanBeOnlyOne Capture Points Capture the Flag Carved in Stone Case of the Missing Scepter Chain Lightning Chain Survival Chalifa Champions Chaos Maps Chaoz Based on Chaos Check Wesnoth Version Children of Dragons Choicerer's Map Randomizer Choose your flag Cir Of Immort. Survival Version Circle of Immortalization City Defense Class Changing AMLA Elves CnF arena + skirmish CnF miscellaneous resources CnF toolkit Color Modification Colosseum Colosseum (3p version) ColosseumEdit ColosseumEditHarder ColosseumOneWinner ColosseumRandom ColosseumRandomClonesBattle ColosseumRandomMWC ColosseumRandomWOTG ColosseumUltra Coming of the Storm Commander Comrades in Arms Concede Defeat Configurable Upgrades Conquest (Original gameplay) Conquest Minus Conquest+ Classic Conquest+ Space/Ranged Control Points Corpse Mode Count Kromire Creep War Creep Wars New Creepfest Crin of Crenlyn CriticalStrike Custom Campaign Danse Macabre Darkelf Invaders Dawn of Thunder DDB 7 Worlds Survival Death Match new Default + Vaashken Default + Vilkai Default Complete Era Default Era Rebalanced Default Plus Era Default: Random Without 1 Race Desert Map-Pack Desert Traders Deterministic Offense Different Luck Discretional Multiplayer Sandbox Dismissal Mod Divided Battle Doreldos: Fight to Liberty Dov's MP Maps(Deep Shrine) Draconian Era Dragon Fight Drakes Rescue Dreams of Urduk DRONE_OBLIVION Dungeon Creeper the Lich Dungeons of Wesnoth Dwarvish fortress Earth Scenario Elves Banding For War Elvish Dynasty RPG Elvish Incursion: A prologue Emerald Heart Empires End of the Legion Enhanced Great War EoM Test EoMa_Mod_Master EoMa_Mod_Master2 Epic music Epical Equipment_Mod Era of Death Era of Death Era of Explicit Economy Era of Four Moons Era of Freedom Era of High Sorcery Era of Horrors Era of Legends Era of Magic Era of Magic Resources Era of more units Era of Myths Era of Myths Era of Myths Mappack Era of Restoration Era of Second Chances Era of Squads Era of War eSandbox Random Map Selector Everfell MP Faction Expendable Leaders Extended Armies Era Extended Era Extended Unit Names Faction Faceoff Factions at global war Fall of the Western Roman Empire Fate of a Princess Fedayn Feudal Era Fingerbone Of Destiny - The Underness Series V. Five Fates - Beta Flight to Freedom Follow_The_Arrow For Power Forgiving Hardcore Mod Forgotten Legends Forgotten Legends Patch Forward They Cried Free Khaganate Free XP Mod Galactic Empires Galactic Era Gali's Contract Galuldur's First Journey Gambling Arena Genesis Genesis Resources Ghostly Calls Girl unDead Gladiator Advanced Gobowars Gold per Village (easy handicap) Grafted Era Great Race Great Race AE Great War Grnk the Mighty Guard Towers Healing Tent Heir to the Throne Revised Hejnewar's balance era Hellish Demons Hero of Irdya I Heroic Era Heroic Last Stand Heroic Leaders Heroics Mode Hide Faction Choice Highelf Nation History Mashup era Hunter Hunters of the East IIIO Test field IIWW Era - The Second World War Image Create Image loading tester Imperial Era In Defence of Gaer Derole Inannas Collection Income Augmented Mod Infantry Wars Era Inky's Quest International Tournament: Polish Edition Map Picker Into The Underworld Invasion from the Unknown Invasion from the Unknown Music Irdya Dragon Isar's Cross Safer Watervillages Isars Cross + Underground Jephrif MP Faction (+BT) JTE Kaboom Kalbruk's Journey Kato's Maps(Sacrifice Survival) Kill Bounty Kill the King Kingdom Builder Mod Labyrinth Of Champions Laela-Uesmae MP maps Langrisser Sample Campaign Lazersquad Based on Laser Squad and Rebelstar Leader Magic Mod Leader Renewal Legend of Far North Legend of the Invincibles Legends of Idaamub Liberating Alduin Lighting_the_Flame Li’sar and the AMLA Elves Lonely Era LOTE Unit Pack LotI-Mod Loyalist Thieves Lucas' Underground Map Pack Lucky Sevens Make Easy Make snow themed Map Modifications Map Symmetrizer MapRandomizer Martian Invasion 1594 Mental Khalifate Mental Map-Pack Merfolk, from TBfW MiddleEarth Midland Millenium Era Mini Isar Mini Maps Minotaur Battlefield MirrorMate Modified 3p survival ModifiedWorldConquest ModifiedWorldConquestPart2 Monster Hunt Moonday Era Moonlight_clan More Units MoreDamageTypes MoreUnitsForms Mountain Witch Move Units Between Campaigns MP Scenarios Mushroom Isar Map Pack Music Mutiny in 1626 My Campaign MyModMapPack Mystery in 1596 Mystical world Napoleonic Wars New Settlers New Settlers (experimental changes) New Settlers - Testing Orcs Nikitaw99's Maps No Randomness Mod Northern Forces Northern Rebirth Remake Northwest Port Nosmos' SurvivalPack Oath of Allegiance Offensive Ogre Battle Era Old world Only Death Behind Ooze Mini Campaign Orc Racial Trait Orocia Random Mod Panther Lord Pax Romana : The Rise of Vespasian Peasant Uprising Peninsula Survival Persuasion Survival Phoenix Pick Your Recruits Armageddon Pick your recruits. No preparation turn PickYourRecruits PimpMyFaction - UberNortherners Plague Lords Plan Unit Advance Plan Your Advancements Modification Planescape PlatinumRealm MP Era Potato Era Princess Nilwyn Proper Flying Mod Proximity Purger of Evil Purger of Evil Music PVP Maps by steelwork Q Civ Queens Gambit Quetzalcoatls Edits Quetzalcoatls Maps Rally For Roanic Random Campaign Random No Mirror Random No Mirror + Select Leader Randomized Damage Mod Randomized Isar's Cross Map Pack Ranged Attacks Mod Raze and Rebuild Rebellion in the North Recruit Level Limit Recruitable Scouts RecruitBonuses Red MP Maps Red Winter Reign of the Judges Reign of The Lords Reign of the Lords Default Unit Advancements Reign of the Lords Portraits ReinforcementsSpawner Remove Turn Limits Return from Captivity Return from the Abyss Return from the Abyss - Music Return of Sir Charles Return of the Monster Revenge of the Rogue Revolution RGMMWC Rich Marinaccio's Dragons Rise of the Elementalist River Iris Roboke's Island Royal Rumble Royalties Forgotten Rush Mode Rushed By Yetis SacrificeSurvival Salt Wars Sam's Random Maps Sand in the Wind Sandbox Map Picker Sandbox Map Picker iceiceice extension SANEWERPG - Sane's Newer Land RPG Era Sapient's Royal Rumble Lava Village Saurians Era Save The Village Saving Elensefar Scenario with robots Science Mod Science Mod Scrolling Survival Scrolling Survival 3P 120 rounds Scrolling Survival Co-op Scrolling Survival Co-op (120 Rounds) Scrolling Survival Co-op 3 Player Scrolling Survival difficulty mod Season Changer Mod Secrets of the Ancients Settlers of Beer Settlers of Wesnoth - NO DOWNLOAD NEEDED Shadowborn Shadows of Deception Shards Era Shards Era Resources Shipbuilding Mod Shrine Mod Shuffle Villages Shuffle Without Color Change Silly AI Example Simple Hot Keys Sire's Scenarios Skele Survivals skyraven arena maps Sleuth Sisters Slow Special Multiplayer Fix Soccer World Cup SoD Music Soldier of Wesnoth Sonic Soul Crystals: Leader Revival Southerners Speak Mod Speak Mod+ Split Era Spoils of War Spoils of War — Victori Spolia Squad-Scale Units Modpack Squads Mod Standalone Faction - Halflings Standalone Faction - the Vaeringjar StealingAbilities StealingWeapons Stickmen Era Stone of the North - The Underness Series III. Stopwatch Stormtrooper Story of the Wose Strange Legacy - Trader Strange Legacy - Trader Sounds Stranger in Wesnoth Struggle For Freedom Survival Fusion 2.0 Survival Map Pack by EnergiaX Survivors Area Swamp Witch Curse Swamplings Switch Leader SX RPG ADDON SX RPG MUSIC ADD ON SXCollection SXCollectionRemake Tactician's Challenge Tactics Puzzles Tale of Alan Tale of Vaniyera Talentless Mage Tamanegi Jukebox TBfW era, sans Drake faction Teleporting Madness Teleporting Madness/No Hunter Teleporting Survival Temples of the nagas Tetris! TGA Map Music The 7 Seasons The Age of Heroes Rebalanced The Archives The Balance Mod [Campaign] The Balance Modification The Battle of Tirigaz The Beautiful Child The Birth of Sorcery (Beta) The Black Cross of Aleron The Blind Sentinel - The Underness Series II. The Curse of Satan Claus The Dark Alliance The Deep Elves The Deepones Era The Default & AOH [no flying] The Default & AOH [no magic] The Desert Scorpion The Desolation of Karlag - Underness Series I. The Dragons Lair The Drums of War The Duelist's Tournament The Dungeon The Earth's Gut The Elder Elves The Elder Ivrim The Elf, the Dwarf and the Mage The Era of Chaos The Failing Line The Fall Of Trent The Final Exam The Flight of Drakes The Footbal Gladiators The Forgotten Legacy The Founding of Borstep The Goblin Rebellion The Golden Age The Golden Age (Singleplayer) The Great Quest The Haunted Woods The Invasion The Invasion Of The Western Cavalry - The Underness Series IV. The Kraken The Legend Begins The Legend Of Mermywuss The Library Of Kratemaqht The North Wind The North Wind [Old Version] The Price of Capture The Rapine The Ravagers The Revival Of Halstead The Rising Underworld The Roar of the Woses The Rod of Justice The Sojournings of Grog The Strange Men The Tale of Two Brothers [+voices] The Three Elves The Tournament of The Blue Drake The Tournament of The Green Drake The Underearthen Elves The Unstoppable Legion (porting in progress) The White Troll The Xalıdı Expansion The_Dark_HordesI The_Dark_Master Thrugbad the Good Time Watchers Tiny Maps To Lands Unknown To Lands Unknown Cutscenes To Lands Unknown Images ToD Picker ToD Picker 1.0.1 tower defense maps tower defense maps Tower Terrain Pack Trapped - Fight for Freedom Trinity Trolling Mod Troubled Times Turn 1 Immobilizer Uber Default UiW Era Ultimate Random Maps Ultra Super Death Gore Fest Chainsawer 3000 UMC Magic Icons UMC Music Book 1 UMC Music Book 10 UMC Music Book 11 UMC Music Book 12 UMC Music Book 2 UMC Music Book 3 UMC Music Book 4 UMC Music Book 5 UMC Music Book 6 UMC Music Book 7 UMC Music Book 8 UMC Music Book 9 UMC Terrain Pack Undead Empire Underness Series - Music Pack Unforgiving Hardcore Mod Unit Equipper Unite the Clans Unitmarker modification Units always hit Unity Magic Mod Unlimited Timer Valeria Valley of the Ancients Veefex Very Simple Era Village Conquest Village Teamshare Vision of a Shaman Visual Map-Pack Vyncyn Rashy Era War of Legends War of the Dragon War of the Jewel WARLORDS WarOfTheGods WarOfTheGodsPart2 Wat's Mods Water Era Way of Dragon WCRenew WesCraft WesGo Wesnoth Chess Wesnoth Life Map Pack (WLMP) Wesnoth Lua Pack Wesnoth Terraforming Wesnoth Tower Defense West's Chronicles I West's Chronicles II White Drag0n's 1v1 maps WIF Race WIF Tournament 2015 Wild Era Wild Peasants vs Devouring Corpses Windmill of Time WOMBO COMBO World Conquest World Conquest 2 (no time limit) World Conquest II Woses with Traits WWII Battles Xara & forever's Map-Pack XO Modification XP Bank XP Bank (Singleplayer) XP Modification XpModChaosRider Zombie Apocalypse RPG Zombie Randomizer Zombie Survival - Last Stand at Gaer Derole Zombie Survival Scenarios Zombies vs Bandits Zombies:Introduction