In Defence of Gaer Derole








As orcs pour south across the great river, the humans along the coast, west of Elensefar, are in turmoil. After the elves and a corrupted King Haldric I refuse to send aid, the various settlements and villages band together, creating the capital of Gaer Derole. Korald, Lord of Gaer Derole, is faced with a dilemma. Flee and let the orcs prowl the countryside, dismembering all who they come across, or fight back in an attempt to save the lives of those who the orcs would cause harm? Korald chooses the latter.

*Any questions or concerns? Send an email to, or find me on discord at Elivaras#3544.*

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Update 0.3.2 (23/11/2018) Includes: 
    -Cutscene and a story introduction added to the first scenario
    -Music added to all scenarios

Note: Three playable scenarios currently exist. More may come at a later date.



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