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Brothers of Light, an order of White Mages, spreads good news that a superior being was born to bring everyone into a greater society and demands additional tithes to raise the child in a way suitable for such a being. However, the news of the supreme child look like a pretty lie to justify the increase in tithing, so that they could peculate more. Help start a rebellion against this corrupted order and its fanaticised allies and learn the truth behind it.

Consists of 8 classical scenarios, a free roam mode where 15 quests have to be completed and 2 talk-only scenarios. Experimentally changed the role of recalls, separating them from the usual recruits and giving them an RPG-like progression. Dialogues have options. Uses Legend of the Invincibles as resources and will not run without having it installed (minimal version is 3.1.20, otherwise some bugs will appear).



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