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The central factions of this era consist of:
 - Northern Orcs - an expansion of the mainline Orcs/Northerners
 - Despair - Medieval Euorpean Ghost faction
 - Khthon - Animals under the control of some sort of puppet-masters-like spirits
 - Ukians - Human faction, offshoot of Loyalists but they have dogs
 - the default Undead and default Loyalists

The extended version has more factions, but they are less balanced.  It includes:
 - Primeval - Racist Olympian superhumans with odd coloration
 - South-Seas - Sailor faction
 - Menagerie - Hodge-podge of units, mostly Sci-Fi inspired
 - Phantom - Ancient Egyptian Ghosts (sort of)

Partially animated, somewhat balanced, at least for the central factions.  The similar factions in Ageless Era are taken from here (this is not just a subset of Ageless Era), but these are independent projects so there are some differences:  this era will have more up-to-date artwork; the Ageless versions will have adjustments to make these factions play well with all the other collected factions.

Needed for BMR & Trinity campaigns, for which these factions play the dominant role.


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