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This Modification allows you to set any timer you like from 1 second to up to 99 minutes per turn.
It might be useful for Creep wars for example.. when you just want to have 10 sek for each player turn.
There have been no bugs or OOS known so far, including playing reloaded game or watching replays from server. Please report if you find anything. Potentially it may cause OOS, so if you see out of sync errors in your game, then just stop using this add-on.
There are couple options:
1) Length of timer in minutes (0 up to 99).
2) Length of timer in seconds (1 to 59).
3) First turn timer in minutes
4) First turn timer in seconds
5) Timer to start from start of turn or from end of enemy turn..
Please report any bugs to enclave, or suggest ideas.
Have fun!



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