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The world is full of those who wish for nothing but themselves. Those who have a great lust of power, worship, and fear. When Lieutenant James D. Archer of the Everglade Army finds himself driven deep into a conspiracy of 'World Domination,' it becomes his responsibility and his alone to stop it.

A campaign that takes you all over the world, including Wesnoth. Requires the UMC terrain pack (It's under GNU GPL, right? So I do have a right to use it!). Some music from the UMC music books are included directly in a directory in the root level of this add-on, so there are no other dependencies.

Five out of an unknown number of scenarios complete, with one dialogue only scenario.

Update 0.0.8: Scenario 6 added. Several dialogue changes to other scenarios. New dependency to resource Purger of Evil, so be sure to update your version.



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